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Out-of-box productivity solution for smaller mines

Get setup in 2-3 days for affordable & automated cycle time & machine utilization analytics

SedimentIQ out of box solution

About us

Mines often fall short of their production plans by 20-30%. We want to help you solve that!

SedimentIQ analytics dashboard

SedimentIQ provides a robust and affordable solution for tracking your equipment utilization and cycle times.

Automated insights are shown from the analytics without requiring expensive data consultants, ultimately helping you improve productivity and safety at your mine.

We use off-the-shelf tech (e.g. phones and Bluetooth beacons), making it affordable and easy for your mine to maintain over time.

We have helped multiple smaller operations

Out of box setup analytics solution

Gain visibility into start times to improve utilization

An underground mine found that their drills experienced consistent delays in start time - opportunity to improve utilization by 10-20%

Case study Haul cycle

Start tracking open pit haul cycles in < 1 hour

At an open pit mine, our system accurately measured haul cycle times, equipping managers to improve hauling operations

Why us?

We have created a tailored solution that works just right for a smaller mining operation!

Out of box setup analytics solution

Easy setup, no training

Get set up in 2-3 days without needing to re-train your operators. You read that right: days, not months.

SedimentIQ's automated data collection

Automated data collection

Our platform seamlessly tracks and measures data from multiple sources. Set it and forget it.

SedimentIQ insights

Focused metrics for managers

We inform mine engineers & managers about relevant metrics they care about: cycle times and utilization. Don't drown in data.

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